Automatische Test Oplossingen

MDA, ICT, Functioneel, AOI, X-ray, PCI, VXI ,PXI, LXI, Interfacing, Fixturing, Programmering

Dataloggers & Sensoren

Stand alone, Telemetrie, Industrieel, Scada, Draadloze sensoren, Milieu & Meteo systemen

Synchronisatie & Network performance

PTP/ NTP/ IEEE1588 , Monitoring, Security, Recording, Test

Test- & Meetapparatuur

RF/uWave, Mobile Comm., Avionics, Optical, Safety, Telcom/Datacom, Gen. Purpose

Network Performance

  • Shamrock 1000 Series

    Shamrock 1000 Series The Shamrock 1,000 series of WAN emulators provid

    e 1 Gbps interfaces with either 2 or 4 network points. Their precision hardware and advanced feature sets ensure pinpoint accuracy of emulation and total control over your scenario’s parameters. Both models can impair traffic sent across them at fu