Automatische Test Oplossingen

MDA, ICT, Functioneel, AOI, X-ray, PCI, VXI ,PXI, LXI, Interfacing, Fixturing, Programmering

Dataloggers & Sensoren

Stand alone, Telemetrie, Industrieel, Scada, Draadloze sensoren, Milieu & Meteo systemen

Synchronisatie & Network performance

PTP/ NTP/ IEEE1588 , Monitoring, Security, Recording, Test

Test- & Meetapparatuur

RF/uWave, Mobile Comm., Avionics, Optical, Safety, Telcom/Datacom, Gen. Purpose

Data Loggers en Sensoren

  • Expert Logger

    Expert Logger

  • ProfiMessage

    Modular measurement, control and monitoring units

  • Expert Transient

    Transient logger

  • Expert Vibro

    Vibration measurement

  • LogMessage

    LogMessage is a stand alone operating device for acquiring,monitoring,

    calculating and logging measurement
  • TopMessage

    Delphin's modular Message devices enables data acquisition

  • Expert Series

    Use in PC-supported measurement and test engineering environments

  • DT82I

    Intelligent Data logger, Up to 6 Analog sensor inputs , with in-built

    WEB server
  • DT80

    Intelligent Data logger ,Up to 15 Analog sensor inputs

  • DT85

    Intelligent Data logger, Up to 48 Analog sensor inputs, with in-built

    WEB server